Friday, December 19, 2008

Microsoft Surface Applications

Surface technology is a promising innovation that produces an instant WOW reaction universally. While designing applications in this platform, your objective is to create an assessment in your customers that you provide technologically advanced solutions and at the same time provide valuable applications that will help them compete effectively in the market place. The objective of this paper is to provide a framework for discussing adoption strategies.

So, what does this new technology buy us that other technologies already in the market place do not provide? What is it that creates the WOW factor?
  1. Large display: This provides the ability to view large amounts of data. This is especially useful in analytical applications.
  2. Multi-Touch Screen Manipulation: Using multiple fingers and hands makes user-interaction simpler and more effective.
  3. Multi-User Collaboration: This is a huge paradigm shift that will open doors for radical applications.
  4. High Quality Images: This does to PCs what HD has done for TV.
  5. Integration with Mobile Devices: It can interact with cell phones, cameras, and other media devices.
  6. Identify Physical Objects: When an object is placed on the Surface, it can be recognized and interacted with.
  7. Holograms: This is futuristic, but coming soon

What are the boundaries and limitations for the applications we create? This is not a comprehensive list, but a beginning.
1. Security
a. Display of personal information
b. Multi-user interaction
2. Common area applications vs. confidential area applications
3. Table top vs. Wall mounted
4. etc.....

These are some good examples of early adoption of this technology:

  1. AT&T is the first to introduce surface apps in its retail locations.
  2. Popular Mechanics:
  3. Microsoft Blog:

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